Tsuwano, the Country of Silverleaf

Tsuwano Castle Ruins (state-designated cultural asset)¡¡Yoshimi, the first feudal lord of Tsuwano, built this castle to provide against Mongol attacks (13th Century). It stood with its front facing the Japan Sea. Later it was inhabited by the two lords, Sakazaki and Kamei in different times.


Tsuwano is a mountain-surrounded tranquil town that contains the ruins of a castle and the houses with red roof tiles and white earthen walls.

Tsuwano preserves many historical and seasonal events including Sagi Mai (dance by people disguised as heron), Karuta Tori (playing of traditional Japanese cards), Dondo Yaki (burning of New-Year decorations) and Naegi Ichi (young-plant fairs).

The little waterways in front of the gates of old houses are linked crosswise and lengthwise with each other.

Mountains change their colors from season to season. Spring rain and summer shower afford charm to the beauties of nature. The town is enveloped in fog more often as the autumn advances. Starry sky in the winter is beautiful. When it snows, roofs of houses change their color from red to white.

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