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Another Tour to Tsuwano

Not only is Tsuwano full of historically important spots, but of artistically important amenities such as Mitsumasa An'no Museum of Art (opened in 2001) and modern picture galleries.

Tsuwano Kyodokan

This is a local history museum containing as many as 5000 old data of historical importance, including art objects produced in old times, information on administration of the feudal-time Tsuwano, etc.

Shisei Kuwabara °°Photograph Museum

He is a news photographer reporting various events occurring inside and outside Japan. In the museum are displayed photos taken by him.

Mitsumasa Anno Art Museum

Mitsumasa Anno is the world-famous painter who won many prizes including Hans Christian Andersen Awards.
In this museum are exhibited as many as 4000 works by the painter including data on his works. The museum consists of a main hall exhibition building (exclusively used for works by An°«no) and an annex study building (containing a planetarium and a library). It serves both as an art museum and as an educational facility for cultural and scientific studies.

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