Shrines & Temples

Taikodani Inari Shrine

This shrine, which is counted among Japanes five greatest Inari Shrines, was built to pray for the peace and security of Tsuwano Castle as well as for the happiness of Tsuwano people. Now believers from all parts of Japan visit the shrine to pray for good harvest of rice, prosperity of business, improvement of fortune, or protection from evil.

Kakuouzan Yomeiji Temple

The family temple for the successive feudal lords of Yoshimi, Sakazaki and Kamei.This temple was one of the Japanes two greatest Soutoushu (religious sect) temples in Edo Period (1603-1867). It had as many as 77 branch temples in this region and was called Sekishu Honzan (headquarters). In the precincts there are graves of Dewa Sakazaki (daimyo), Geki Tago (the chief retainer for daimyo), Ogai Mori (novelist) and Kichizo Nakamura (playwriter).

Tsuwano Catholic Church

Father Villion came to this town to propagate Christianity in 1892, and soon this church was built. It was burnt down in 1931 but was rebuilt the next year.

Otome Toge St. Mary Chapel

In the latter part of 19th Century, many Japanese Catholics were taken to the former site of Korinji Temple as criminals, where as many as 36 of those people were martyred. This chapel was built on Otome Toge (the Otome pass) in 1951 in memory of the martyrs. In the Otome Toge festival held on May 3, many Catholic believers from all parts of Japan go in procession from the church to the chapel where a solemn mass is held.

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